Website takeover

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To serve your success.

Don't want to work with your current agency anymore? Are you in conflict with your agency and want to recover your website and its content? We offer solutions for website takeover, and then ensure its management. Transferring a website is never easy and mistakes are common.


We transfer your existing website and its database.

Email Addresses

We transfer your email boxes and keep your messages.

Texts & Posts

We reuse your content including your texts and articles.

Documents & PDF

We recover and host your documents and PDFs.

Photos & Videos

We import your photos and videos from your existing site.


We reuse your current passwords to avoid any inconvenience.

Domain Name

We transfer and manage your current domain name.


You keep your current CMS to avoid any new learning.

Agence web à Bruxelles

We take over, manage and optimize your website.

If you are no longer satisfied with your current agency, or if special circumstances force you to leave, we can take over your website and manage it. In this case, we take care of all aspects of the transfer, leaving you to take care of your own business.

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